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Learn how to use the ConnectWindow config.txt directive to link remote users to their session using the /connect endpoint in EZproxy.

ConnectWindow is a position-independent directive that interacts with the /connect endpoint that links a remote user to their session after authentication. By default, the /connect window is open for 60 seconds after a user authenticates. Entering the ConnectWindow directive with a smaller numeric value in config.txt will cause EZproxy to close the /connect window more quickly and make it more difficult for an unauthorized user to access the session.

This directive is compatible with EZproxy 6.1 and later.

The complete syntax is:
ConnectWindow seconds
Qualifier Description
seconds Specifies the number of seconds that the /connect window should remain open
The following example would specify that the /connect window remain open for 5 seconds:
ConnectWindow 5
This window should never be made smaller than the amount of time it might take a user to get from the redirect that occurs upon submitting valid credentials to the time the /connect request is sent by the browser and received by EZproxy. If you wish to reduce the time the connect window remains open, begin by entering a value smaller than 60, but larger than the time you think it will take to connect.

After entering this directive, you can enter:

Audit Most
in config.txt and monitor your /audit page for Session.ReconnectBlocked events. These may signal that an unauthorized user is attempting to connect to an authenticated user's session using the /connect request, and you may want to investigate the IP address from which that user is attempting to authenticate.
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