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Learn how to use the config.txt directive CASServiceURL to configure EZproxy to act as a CAS server.

CASServiceURL is used to configure EZproxy to act as a Central Authentication Service (CAS) server, allowing other CAS client applications to take advantage of EZproxy for user authentication.

CASServiceURL is a repeatable, position-dependent directive that interacts with other CASServiceURL directives. Typical placement is toward the top of config.txt.


Option Description
-Anonymous An optional parameter to indicate that EZproxy should send "anonymous" instead of the true username and WildcardServiceURL is a wildcardURL to match against the CAS client's service URL.


CASServiceURL -[Anonymous] WildcardServiceURL


In your CAS client application, you will need to set a login URL and either a validate (CAS 1.x) or service validate (CAS 2.x) URL. To form the required URLs, use these patterns: