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Text file authentication

If you want EZproxy to perform user authentication from a text file, follow these steps:

  1. Create a file that contains a user identification optionally followed by a colon and user password. If this file was an extract of your library card numbers, it might simply contain lines like:


    If the file contained usernames and passwords, it might look like:


     Note: Hosted EZproxy only usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

    With file authentication, both usernames and password are checked using case-insensitive comparisons, allowing the usernames jsmith, JSMITH, JSmith to match along with the passwords secret, SECRET, sEcReT.

  2. Copy this file to your EZproxy server.
  3. In your main EZproxy directory, edit the user.txt file and add a line like:
    Note: Changes to user.txt take effect immediately. You do not have to restart EZproxy when you update this file, and if you create an updated version of myusers.txt, those changes will be available immediately.