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When I do a Keyword Search in Stockitem my local stock records do not display

  • No local resources display when I do a keyword search. Only those I have downloaded from another source show in the results
Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitem
  • Amlib Catalogue

Only those records that have a Catalogue record display in a keyword search. Then you at least can search by the titles as keywords!

  1. If you have just the Stockitem record, you can find the record in Stockitem and use the menu Item > Create Catalogue  to create a Catalogue.
  2. It is preferable when creating a new record to begin with the Catalogue Module by creating it via Catalogue > Create a Catalogue.  Use a Worksheet and then create a Stockitem when saving the record
Additional information
  • To find all the items on your database without Catalogues, use a Stockitem Where search to find them. Before you begin you may wish to set the search size larger to ensure you view them all. Go to Stockitem > Item Menu > Query Settings > Set Search Size. Set it to the highest number on the list. Access Main > Stockitem > StockitemWhere. From the Box 1, select CatRefNo, from the Box 2 - Operator select = and then click Paste in Box 3. At the bottom, it should read, CatRefNo IS NULL. Click Query (F5), answer  No to the saved file message and view them. If there are a lot, you may wish to save them as a File. Go to the File menu and choose Save All and create a new file, for example, Items without Catalogues Save (F3) and Select (F9)
  • Create a Catalogue
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