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I wish to get an excel list of all the items on loan

Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitems
  • Amlib Circulation
  1. Navigate to Main > Stockitems > StockitemWhere.
  2. Select On Loan from Box 1. From Box 2 select = and in Box 3 enter Y. Click Paste.
  3. Click F5 Query and answer N to the message about the File.
  4. All items currently on loan will display.
  5. Highlight all the rows and go to Main > Base > Copy. This will save them to the clipboard of the computer.
  6. Open a new workbook in Excel. Paste the contents into the empty workbook. It is then possible to remove any columns not required.
Additional information
  • When performing this type of Where search be aware of the search size in Amlib. Prior to running the list it is possible to set the search size higher than the default. Go to Stockitem > Item > Query Settings > Set Search Size. Set it to the maximum (in the latest release, it is possible to set the search size to 10,000). If the maximum is reached it is possible to Continue the Query from the Table Menu or by pressing F11
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