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Call sets

Learn about stockitem call sets in Amlib.

Stockitem call sets

Some libraries like to have items with a particular call number range linked together for reporting purposes. Standard call number ranges can be found on the internet for example:

  1. In Amlib navigate the Main > Stockitem > StockCallSets.
  2. Select F1 New. This creates a new line on the Table where a new Call Set can be created, with details of Range Id (Code), Call Number Range and Description. The Call No Range is from (and including) a beginning Call Number to the last Call Number (e.g. 780 – 790).
  3. Select F3 Save to save the newly entered call number ranges.
  4. Select F7 Set to transfer the call set codes to your Stockitems. Once set, any new items will be assigned call set reference according to call no as received.

Reporting on use

  1. Navigate to Main > Reports > RepStockitem.
  2. Select F1 New.
  3. Select report called Count by Stats and Call sets.
  4. Enter a description and Save.
  5. Enter a Where Statement using F7 Where:
  6. Select F3 Save.
  7. F8 View to view the report.