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Link a catalogue to a main periodical

Learn how to link a catalogue to a main periodical in Amlib.

To link a catalogue to a main periodical record

  1. Access the Amlib Client
  2. Go to Main>Catalogue>Catalogue
  3. The Catalog window will display
  4. Search in the catalogue for the periodical title. Each Catalogue record has a Ref number unique to that Catalogue
  5. When it displays in Catalogue, in the lower right hand side you will notice some data displayed as Ref : (up to 5 numbers). Note this number
  6. Search in the Periodical module for the same title
  7. Select Transactions > LinkToCat
  8. In the box, type the Cat Ref number and tick to you can also refresh from catalogue. Click OK and the catalogue record and the Periodical record are linked.