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Catalogue URLs

Learn how to catalogue URLs for display in Amlib NetOPACs.

It is possible to catalogue URLs for display in the Amlib NetOpacs – for example websites, PDF or image documents saved in the AmlibWeb folder or free eBooks.

Authority Module

The URL tag has to be created in the Authority module, if it does not exist already. Once created, it will be then available when creating catalogue items.

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Authorities > MarcTags – the Marc Tags Within the System table will display:
  3. If no 856 Tag exists, then click the F1 New or F2 Insert button
  4. Create a Tag with the following details:
    • Tag No = 856
    • Tag Description = Electronic location and access
    • Can the tag be repeated in a Catalogue (Y/N) = Y
    • Is the Tag an Authority that is only used in 1 Catalogue (Y/N) = N
  5. Click the F3 Update button to save the new tag
  6. Highlight the new 856 field and click the F7 SubF button – the Tag Subfields table will display:
  7. The tag should have 2 subfields set as follows:


    Subfield Description

    Can be Repeated (Y/N)

    Authority (Y/N)

    Used in Search Key (Y/N)

    Used in Marc Display (Y/N)

    Create Key- words (Y/N)

    Seq No

















  8. Click the F3 Update button when complete

Stockitem Module

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > StockItems > StockitemStatsCodes – the Stats Code table will display:
  3. Click the F1 New or F2 Insert button to create a new entry
  4. Set up a code with the following parameters:
    • Stats Code = URL
    • Allow Loan = N
    • Floating = N
    • Stats / Collection Description = Web site
    • Price Group Code = as per the other Stats codes on your list
  5. Click the F3 Save button when complete

Please Note: You could set up a specific Stockitem Form code (for example: WEB) if you wish, or choose Computer Software if required.


If required, you could set up a Lead through set for URLs. Create the catalogue as desired e.g. using Worksheet, No Lead Thru etc., adding the URL into the 856 tag and adding the Title of the URL into the 245 tag.

HINT: You could type website in square brackets after the Title if you wish – for example: Google Scholar [website]

Even though a URL will never be Circulated, it will be necessary to create a Stockitem so that the item will be seen in NetOpac.

  1. In the catalogue record, click the Holdings button – a prompt will appear with the following message: No Stockitems exist for the Catalogue. Do you wish to create a New Item?
  2. Click on the Yes button – a New Stockitem prompt will display with the following message: Please choose a Form Type for the new Stockitem
  3. Choose WEB and click on the OK button – the Stockitem main screen will enter creation mode (the F2 Insert button will appear bolded) and a number of fields will be pre-populated:
  4. Complete the other fields as required – for example: Stats Code, Current Cost, Floor location, etc – to access a list of codes in a field press the .<TAB> key

    For example: in the Sts (Stats) Code field, pressing the .<TAB> key will display a list of your Stats Codes and Descriptions – double-click on URL to select it
  5. Leave the Item No field blank
  6. Click on the F2 Insert button when complete – the following prompt will display: Do you want the system to supply a barcode?
  7. Click the Yes button – the following prompt will display: The Item has been Inserted.
  8. Click on the OK button when complete


  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Supervisor > Supervisor – the Locations table will display
  3. From the menu select LibraryMenu > Opacs > OpacDisplayTags – the Marc Tags Within the System: Tag Parameters for Opac Catalogue Display table will display:
  4. Ensure that Tag 856 is available
  5. If it isn’t, click either the F1 New or Insert button to create a new entry with the following details:
    • Tag No = 856
    • Tag Description = URL Link
  6. Click the Update button to save any changes
  7. The NetOpacs service manager will then need to be restarted

If a URL has been catalogued it will pop up in the NetOpacs screen and the user can just click on the hyperlink and get directly to the Website.

Please Note: Now that you have catalogued your URLs, they would need to be checked occasionally. To get a listing of the URLs on your database, in the Stockitem main screen, type the Form code URL and select the F5 Query button


Links to documents can be catalogued in a similar way to URLs (see above).

  1. Create a catalogue record with a link to the document
  2. In the Search screen, the Catalogue display points to the path of the document. The source of the document would have to be on a folder that is Web-shared across the network.
  3. On clicking the hyperlink, the document is displayed:
  4. With the documents, it would still be an http file, and the path would be http://servername (my computer name is amgaye)

 Note:  We suggest that the documents to be viewed are saved to the server with the NetOpac folders in it, as then it doesn't have to break through Firewalls, etc. to get to view the document. In the NetOpac folder there is an AmlibWeb folder - you could create a new folder in there called Docs or similar. The path then would be http://servername/AmlibWeb/Docs/koala.htm or whatever you saved it as. It is quite easy in Word to save as an htm file. You may have to get special permissions on the Network to save to that directory (for example: AmlibWeb) - if you save it to the C: drive, if someone else is looking for the document, the computer will be searching on the C drive of their particular machine. It needs to be a path that everyone can see.