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Add subfield text to a tag or delete subfield from tag

Learn how to add subfield text to an existing tag data or remove subfields in Amlib.

Add subfield text to existing tag data or remove subfields

It is possible to add fixed subfield data to a nominated Authority Tag. For example, add the Text “Click here to view resource” to the “z” subfield of every 856 URL Tag on the system (or those that have previously been saved into a File).

This has been implemented mainly in response to sites wishing to display a description (e.g. from Subfield z or from the Subfield as specified in the amlib.ini file within NetOPACs) instead of the URL from the Subfield u within NetOPACs. This could apply to Websites, Electronic resources or documents.

Set up MARC tag subfield

Ensure you have the Marc you wish to add set up if it is a new tag i.e. the 856z tag for alternative text for a URL.

  1. In Amlib go to Main > Authorities > MarcTags. Highlight the tag if it exists already and select F7 SubF. If the Tag does not already exist, select F1 New to create the tag and then F7 SubF
  2. Select F1 New and add the subfield details as below for the 856z subfield. Select F3 Update and close the window. Log off the Authority module

Add the subfield to the tags

  1. In Amlib go to Main > Authorities > MarcTagMaintenance
  2. From box 1 select Add a subfield to a tag (replaces existing) or leave text blank to delete subfield
  3. Beside box 2 select the Select Tags button. Highlight the tag to which the change will apply i.e. 856 tag and select the OK button.
  4. Box 3 is optional and allows you to select a saved file of Authorities to apply the change to. Generally you will be applying a change to all occurrences of the tag within the database so this box may be ignored
  5. In box 4 enter the subfield and text to be added as below, or to delete data from a subfield leave the text box blank. For additional information on deleting a subfield see below
  6. Press F3 Start to perform the addition of the Subfield data. Once the processing is complete you will see a notification of how many subfields have been added or deleted in the database.

Delete a subfield from a MARC tag

It is also possible to remove a Subfield from a nominated Authority Tag. For example, remove the Statement of Responsibility data from the 245 Tag (Subfield c). Nominate the Tag and Subfield as shown above in steps 3-5 but leave the text box blank. If no data is added, the existing subfield will be deleted when you select F3 Start.

You will see this warning message, and then select Yes to delete all instances to the 245c tag from the database.

You may the need to complete the following tasks covered in separate instruction guides:

  • Rebuild the Marc Display within the Catalogue (Catalogue Maintenance- Rebuild the Marc Display) for those tags that have changed
  • Refresh Stockitem Display (Stockitem Autolink) if any Stockitem Line Displays are affected