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About OCLC Usage Statistics

Find an overview of the interface and the features available in OCLC Usage Statistics.

OCLC Usage Statistics overview

Report availability

Reports may be available as early as the third calendar day of the month. WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, WorldCat Navigator and Digital Collections reports become available by the tenth day of each month for the preceding month. Online Cataloging monthly reports are available within five days of the end of the preceding month. Current month daily reports are available the following day. Once a monthly report is available for a preceding month, daily reports for that month are deleted. Publisher Reports are available on a weekly and updated each Monday.

Sign in to OCLC Usage Statistics

  1. Access OCLC Usage Statistics.
  2. Type your OCLC Authorization and Password
  3. Click Sign In.

 Note: Only active OCLC authorizations have access to the Usage Statistics. To see activity on expired authorizations, use another active authorization to log on and then select the expired authorization from the navigation screen for the appropriate product and time period.

Report access

Logging on with any of your institution's OCLC authorizations will give you access to all available reports for your institution. If you do not have access to a product, you will not be able to select the reports tab for that product.

For example, if your institution has access to FirstSearch and WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, logging in with your FirstSearch authorization will automatically put you in the FirstSearch reports area but you will also have access to the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan reports, as well as the, reports.

Navigate reports

  1. Select the appropriate reporting period to see a list of reports available for that time.
  2. Click on the report group name (example: Institution Reports: OCL) or the arrow before the name to expand the list of reports available under that grouping.
  3. Select a report to view from the reports listed.

 Note: Once you have clicked on a report in the environment, you will need to click the browser's Back button to navigate back to the stats main page, or click the tab to the left to return to the main page for your stats.

For more information, refer to the product glossaries listed at the top of the Help window.

Report layout

The report layout has been changed for ease of use/reading of the screen. It is possible that some columns of some reports will wrap the text. However, when the reports are exported, the layout will be corrected.

Please see WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Reports for an example.

Print reports

Select the landscape print format from your browser's Print option for best results.

Export reports

An Export button appears at the top right of each report screen once the report is open. Clicking the arrow button opens a File Download box with the options of Open, Save, Cancel, and More Info.

Clicking Open will open the file in Microsoft® Excel. From there you can organize the data to fit your needs. To save the file, click File, Save or Save As, then select the desired directory/folder. Make sure the file type is Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xls) before saving. In some circumstances, the Text Import wizard will display because the file is actually a tab delimited text file. When saving, be sure to select the correct file type extension.

E-mail reports

An Email button appears at the top right of each report screen once the report is open. Clicking the button takes you to a screen where you can choose to send the report to one or more designated e-mail address(es).

The E-mail button can also be used to set up an automatic e-mail feature that will send your designated reports on a monthly basis to the e-mail address(es) that you specify.

  • Reports that you designate will be automatically e-mailed when the statistics for the previous timeframe become available.
  • You can set up an unlimited number of reports to be e-mailed.
  • You can specify the format of the e-mailed report: HTML or Microsoft Excel.
  • You can view a list of all of your designated e-mail reports by clicking List All.
  • The list of e-mail reports is based on the authorization you used to access reports.


Click the Help button on the top right of any screen to view help.

Log off

When you finish viewing reports, click the log out button located at the top right on all the screens.

Note: Sessions will time out automatically after 45 minutes of inactivity.

Change password

Although passwords have no expiration limit, it is recommended that they be changed periodically to increase security. FirstSearch users may change their passwords via the WorldCat Services Administrative Module. If WorldShare Interlibrary Loan and Connexion users need to change their passwords, they should contact OCLC Support