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Talis Aspire Reading Lists

Learn how to integrate your Talis Aspire Reading Lists into WorldCat Discovery and WorldShare Management Services.

To access this screen, sign in Service Configuration, open the Third-Party Integrations left navigation, select Talis Aspire Reading Lists.

If your institution has a subscription to Talis Aspire for reading list management and a subscription to WorldShare Management Services or WorldCat Discovery, use the settings on this page to integrate the systems. When enabled, Talis Aspire Reading Lists can link an item in WorldCat Discovery with corresponding reading lists in Talis and show Talis Aspire Reading List information in the WMS interface.

 Note: To use this functionality, your library must:

  • Have active subscriptions for Talis Aspire Reading Lists and WorldShare Management Services or WorldCat Discovery.
  • Complete the OCLC 3rd Party Accession Authorization form. Contact OCLC Support in your region for more information.

To enable Talis Aspire Reading Lists integration:

  1. In OCLC Service Configuration, go to Third-Party Integrations > Talis Aspire Reading Lists.
  2. Toggle the option to Display Talis Aspire Reading Lists in WMS/WorldCat Discovery to Display.
  3. Provide your shortcode for Talis Aspire Reading Lists. Your shortcode displays in your Talis URL. For example, if your Talis URL is, your short code is 123. Enter up to 50 characters.
  4. Select a display name for your Talis Aspire Reading Lists from the drop-down list:
    • Reading Lists
    • Resource Lists
  5. Click Save.