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When searching for a proceeding in Discovery, if a user clicks on “Check holdings in your Library Catalogue” then it will find the ebook in which the proceeding is contained, but the ebook link doesn’t display automatically.

  • This looks to be a conflict in the way conference articles are handled coming into our WorldCat link resolver.

  • The link resolver seems to be treating them as book chapters and isn’t using the ISBN contained in the OpenURL string to retrieve the full text option.

    • Here is an example OpenURL request:

      • https //www engineeringvillage com/search/results/localholdinglinks.url?docId=cpx_12d07a3d15d9b5d5592M6cba10178163176&issn=&year=2015&url=DEFAULT-URL&position=0&referer=%2Fsearch%2Fdoc%2Fabstract.url&usageOrigin=recordpage&usageZone=localholdinglink&docIndex=0
    • Which becomes this URL in the link resolver:

      • https //libraryname.on.worldcat org/atoztitles/link?sid=Compendex&issn=&date=2015&volume=&issue=&spage=613&epage=673&title=Handbook+of+Unmanned+Aerial+Vehicles&atitle=Adaptive+control+of+unmanned+aerial+vehicles%3A+Theory+and+flight+tests&aulast=Kannan&aufirst=Suresh+K.&isbn=9789048197064&rft_id=info%3Adoi%2F10.1007%2F978-90-481-9707-1_61&ABBR=20172803904766&arnumber=

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

This conflict is a result of the Knowledge Base currently not supporting article/chapter-level linking


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