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Why is the A-Z Link Resolver taking users to a journal provider who doesn't have the full text for the article ?

  • The A-Z OpenURL Link Resolver is taking you to a provider outside your WorldCat knowledge base coverage or gets no hits at the journal provider's site. 
Applies to
  • A-Z Link Resolver

Make sure you've filled in as much of the date into the Article search screen as possible. The A-Z list matches what you've entered with what is in the WorldCat knowledge base then takes you to the first provider in the list that matches all the qualifications. If there is no year or month in the search qualifications, it won't be able to apply date coverage.

If you've filled in the article search screen completely and still go to the wrong provider, please contact OCLC Support with the following information:

  • Your library symbol
  • The location your search is coming from (ie. vendor site or are you typing it in)
  • The OpenURL with search details
  • Where you land when you click on the OpenURL link
Additional information

There is more information about the A-Z Link Resolver.

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