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Why is a record that we do not hold shown as being held in WorldCat Discovery?

  • Item is incorrectly showing as held by your library (ghost holding)
  • holdings are appearing on a record we don't own
Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

1. Check holdings in WorldShare Collection Manager.

  • Log into WorldShare > Metadata > Collection Manager
  • Set the search scope to title in the drop-down menu, and search either by the OCN, title, ISBN, or ISSN  
  • If holdings are showing, verify that the collection is not set to Maintain WorldCat Holdings in collection-level settings 
  • If just that record should not be held, deselect the title in the knowledge base collection

Note, holdings changes made in WorldShare Collection Manager can take 24-48 hours to complete. 

2. Check and make sure your library's holdings are not attached to the item.  

  • Log into WorldShare > Metadata > Record Manager
  • Search by the OCLC number of the title
  • Click on the correct title from the results list
  • Delete the holding on the title by clicking on Record > WorldCat Holding > Delete

Note, Sometimes holdings are not deleted as expected when local bibliographic data is attached so you may be prompted to delete local bibliographic data as well.

3. Check Service Configuration settings.

  • The item holding is from a database that you have marked Treat as Held in the OCLC Service ConfigurationMetasearch Content > Default Databases and Licensed Content.   See Default Databases and Licensed Content for configuration information
  • Look in the OCLC Service Configuration>WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local>Relevancy and Scoping.  Is there a second symbol listed in their first level of relevancy?  If there is, check the holdings for that symbol in WorldShare Record Manager.  A second symbol with holdings in this section will cause holdings to appear in WorldCat Discovery

If these do not work or you need help with any of these steps, please contact OCLC Support and provide the OCLC number of the title that is showing as held incorrectly.

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