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Why don't I see all of the volumes in a multi-volume set in WorldCat Discovery availability?

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • WorldShare Record Manager 

Validate that volume information is present in the LHR in one of the following fields:

  • As a coded pair in the 85x+86x fields
  • As a textual holding in subfield a of the 86x fields
  • As a material specified in subfield $3 in the 87x Item Information fields

If the volumes are not there, add them. If they are, but are still not appearing, confirm that the LHR validates without error by choosing Record > Validate. If errors come up, address them. If not and the volumes are still not appearing in WorldCat Discovery, contact OCLC Support with the volumes that are missing, OCN for the title, your library symbol and name.

Additional information

Please see the Item Status section of the 876-878 Item Information-General Information page for additional information regarding properly coded pairs.  For information regarding other 800 fields please see 8xx Fields for Local Holdings Maintenance.

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