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Why do I not see local availability data appearing on an article record in Discovery?

  • No Call Number, Check Out Status, or Shelving Location is appearing on a Discovery record.

  • Discovery says we own a record but it has no local availability displayed.

  • But there is a local holdings record LHR showing in Record Manager.

  • The record also may say "This item is not held by your institution" but "A library in your Group" is listed as holding the article

  • There may have been a mistake in cataloging.  This was locally cataloged and we may have miscoded something.

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

The issue could be that a Discovery holdings match is happening on the ISSN instead of the OCLC number (OCN). To troubleshoot this, remove the ISSN and then the system can match on the OCN and find the LHR data.
If you have other records like this, we recommend removing the ISSN from that field.  Contact OCLC Support if you have any questions.

  1. Go to the MARC record and delete the ISSN where it appears
  2. Check for the ISSN in the 022, but also check 773 fields
  3. Save the record and refresh the Discovery page.
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