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Tips to identify elink sources in WorldCat Discovery

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

The following are methods that can be used to help identify the source of a link.

Knowledge Base (KB) Links - KB links will appear above 856 links and DOI links, and they will include Database: [Name of Database] in the description  


See: Links from the WorldCat knowledge base to full text content

Links from WorldCat Record 856 field - WorldCat 856 links do not contain Database: [Name of Database] as part of the description.

  • You can also check for 856 links using the Staff View of the MARC record.  Once you know the URL from the MARC 856 field, mouse hover over the Access Online button on the record.  You will see the URL matches the URL from the 856 field in the MARC record.

The screenshots below show an example of checking the MARC 856 field and then hovering over the Access Online link to check the URL is matching from the MARC:



Note: Not all 856 links will surface on a record. When they do you can use the method above to confirm.

See: Links from WorldCat record 856 and 956 to open access content/free content

DOI Links - Will always appear after any KB Links or WorldCat 856 links. They typically fall into one of three categories:

  • DOI Link informed by an 856 field
  • DOI Link informed by LibKey
  • DOI Link informed by Unpaywall

DOI informed by non-WorldCat record 856 field (central index record) - Hover over the Access Online link. Check the MARC 856 field in Discovery by clicking the link next to "Staff View (MARC Record)". If the URL matches, the link is coming from the 856 field.
See: Links from non-WorldCat Record 856

LibKey Links - Mouse Hover over the Access Online button. Check to confirm the URL contains "libkey".
See: LibKey Discovery search results
Unpaywall links - If the DOI link does not match the above scenarios, it is likely from Unpaywall.
See: Open Access DOI links enhanced by Unpaywall

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