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Configuration for WorldCat Local libraries moving to WorldCat Discovery

If you are using WorldShare Management Services or WorldCat Local and want to move to WorldCat Discovery, check these settings in Service Configuration to help make your transition seamless.

Access to WorldCat Local ends on 9 August 2019. 

  • When WorldCat Discovery was released in 2014, we let you know it would eventually replace the WorldCat Local service. Now that WorldCat Discovery delivers functionality beyond that in WorldCat Local, we plan to retire WorldCat Local on 9 August 2019. 

When you are ready to go live using WorldCat Discovery please make sure you update the following settings in OCLC Service Configuration.  On 9 August 2019, OCLC will redirect all traffic from remaining active WorldCat Local URLs to the corresponding WorldCat Discovery URLs.

 Caution: These changes will impact your WorldCat Local experience.

WorldCat Discovery configuration

You will want to review and update the following features.

Sign in to OCLC Service Configuration and navigate to: Action
WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > User Interface Options Update your user interface by adding your library's logo. Add links to your library contact information page, or links to other pages to which your patrons need access.
WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > OPAC Statuses, Locations and Circulation Policies

Update Item Availability on Brief (AOB) to display item availability on search results in WorldCat Discovery. We recommend selecting 'Automatically (10 results at a time)'.

Note: This setting also controls the appearance of Access Online buttons on search results.

WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > ILS Support and Maintenance We recommend adding a shared email address in the User Support Section so that users can provide feedback directly to your institution.
WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > Google Analytics Create a new Google Analytics Tracker ID for WorldCat Discovery and add the ID in this section.

WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > Relevancy and Scoping

Search results will display based on how you configure these settings.

Note: If you are searching remote databases, sort by Libraries Worldwide to display all results.

WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > Full Text and Open Access Links Review your library's full text and open access link settings.
Metasearch Content > Licensed Content and Databases Review your library's data selections and database groups configuration. These are the databases users will search within WorldCat Discovery.
End-user sign-in for non-WorldShare Management Services institutions Enable sign-in for Discovery users to save searches and personal lists.
IP Addresses > Manage IP Addresses

Review the address(es) to ensure that they are correct. For each address or address range, make sure that:

  • Your institution's FirstSearch authorization, OCLC symbol, and other information is correct
  • "WorldCat Discovery" is selected as a product
WorldCat Registry > Map

To modify the display of your institution's location, drag the marker to the location, or click Update Registry to use suggested values.

Note: Your institution's address should display on the map or your holdings might not be represented correctly.

WorldCat Registry > Online Catalog Review your library's online catalog links and update them if they currently direct to WorldCat Local. Configure links to your online catalog.
Course reserves

Make sure you have Course Reserves roles in WorldShare Admin. See how to create and manage Course Reserves in WorldCat Discovery.


Update the EZproxy stanza for WorldCat Discovery

Note: WorldCat Discovery requires an SSL certificate.

Configure content and staff features See how to Use the Advanced Search screen.

Before you go live

  • WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > User Interface Options
    • In the ‘WorldCat Discovery Services Redirect’  section, redirect users to the WorldCat Discovery site*. Also, select 'Redirect WorldCat Local permanent/bookmarked links to WorldCat Discovery.'
    • In the Custom Links section, remove 'My Library Account' (custom link 4) which is not needed for WorldCat Discovery*.  Click Save at the bottom of the page.
    • Update Search box and use parameters. If you are using search boxes and use parameters on your library's website that direct to WorldShare Local, redirect them to the WorldShare Discovery site.

       Note: These changes will impact your WorldCat Local experience.

  • Promote WorldCat Discovery
    Update links on your library's website and promote WorldCat Discovery in your community.