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Import lists

Discover how to import new and existing lists in

 Note: If you are signed in to as a WorldShare library, any lists you import will be associated with your institution. You will need to sign out and sign back in as a WorldCat user to associate imported lists with your personal account.

Import a new list

  1. Select My Profile from your username drop-down menu.
  2. Select Lists from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Import List to open the Import List dialog.
  4. From the Import List dialog, complete the following:
    1. List name - Enter a name for the list. The list name can contain up to 70 characters, including spaces.
    2. (OptionalList description - Enter a description for the list. The list description can contain up to 500 characters, including spaces.
    3. List privacy - Select a privacy setting for the list.
      • Private (default) - Only you can view this list. If you are signed in as a staff member through an institution, you will be able to see all public and private lists created by the institution.
      • Public - Anyone on will be able to view, cite, share this list.
    4. Drag and drop your list file.
      Click Browse and select the list file you want to import from your computer.
    5. Click Import List. A confirmation message displays when the file has been imported with a hyperlink to view the list.
      • If any items in the file were unable to be imported, an informational message will appear.

Data requirements

Your list file can contain up to 500 items and must:

  • Be saved as a .CSV in order to import it into
  • Contain one column (OCLC #) as the OCLC number will be used to identify the bibliographic record in WorldCat that you want to add to the list