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Personal list count wrong in free

  • The list count is wrong when you view a personal list in the free version of
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This issue impacts some lists on the free Try the following to :

1. Have your user log into their site

2. Bring up that list

3. Try to sort the list. This will bring the missing title back in some cases.

4. If it does bring the missing titles back, click the Export to CSV link near the list name at the top.

5. Save the file to a location on their machine.

6. Have them log into WorldCat Discovery

7. In the menu in the upper right, have them choose Import my lists.

8. Have them fill in the form

9. Click Choose file at the bottom

10. Select that file from the window that opens up.

11. Click Import lists

12. A Green bar will appear near the top that says "Your list was imported successfully. View your list."

12. Click on View your list link.

13. Click the Edit link in the upper left.

14. Set the Private setting to the right to make this new list a shared list.

15. Save the list. 

The new list in WorldCat Discovery should not have the same issue so you should be able to use the shareable link for that list with your users instead.


Sorry for the inconvenience this causes you and your student. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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