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How can I export my search results?


I would like to export a search result (with more than 1 hit) to a .csv file, Excel or EndNote. 

Applies to
  • WorldCat Discovery

You can only export search results which are saved in a list.

In, you can save up to 10 hits of your search results at once in a list.

  1. Navigate to and log in with your WorldCat account
  2. Enter your search query
  3. At the top of the screen, select which list you want to save your results to with the Save To [list] option, and click Save
  4. To view your list(s), navigate to your account at the top right, and in the Lists menu, select the list you want to export
  5. Click Export to CSV to download the export file

In Discovery, you can save 1 hit at a time. You can then export this list to a .ris file, or export via external link to RefWorks.

  1. Navigate to your institution's Discovery and log in with your account
  2. Enter your search query
  3. Click Save at any search result you want to export
  4. Navigate to My Items. You can optionally edit your saved query, move it to a list and deselect any results you do not want to export
  5. Click Cite and choose the desired export format to download the file
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