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These formats are available:

 Note: Not all formats are available for all items.

format examples
Article Text that is part of a larger item such as conference papers, chapters, or articles.
Book Books, pamphlets, technical reports, typescripts, theses, dissertations, manuscripts, and other written works. Includes thesis/dissertation, eBook, braille, microform, and large print editions.
Internet Resource Websites with online documents, graphics, systems, or services. Includes electronic resources.
Music Forms of music such as CD, LP, cassette, or eMusic.
Video Includes DVD, VHS, film, Bluray, eVideo.
Audiobook Books for use on audio devices. Includes cassette, CD, eAudiobook, and LP.
Image A physical likeness or representation in either print or electronic format.
Musical Score Printed music materials, including full score, choirs score, close score, condensed score, miniature score, part, music manuscript, books of musical studies, and exercises.
Journal, magazine Serial publications such as periodicals, annuals, journals, memoirs, proceedings, monographs, eJournals, or eMagazines.
Computer File Items in the following classes of electronic resources: computer software (including programs, games, images, graphics, sounds, and fonts), numeric data, computer-oriented multimedia, interactive multimedia, and computer-oriented documents.
Visual Material Items in the following classes: Motion pictures, video recordings, graphic materials, and three-dimensional artifacts.
Archival Material Materials in two or more forms that are usually related by virtue of their having been accumulated by or about a person or body. This category includes comprehensive archives and manuscript collections of mixed forms of materials, such as text, photographs, and sound recordings.
Map Maps, map manuscripts, globes, atlases, aeronautical charts, navigational charts, celestial charts, remote-sensing images, computer-generated maps, eMaps, and other cartographic material.
Kit Mixture of various components issues as a unit and intended primarily for instructional purposes. No one component is identifiable as the predominant component of the item. Examples are: packages of assorted materials, such as a set of K-12 social studies curriculum material (books, workbooks, guides, activities, etc.), or packages of educational test materials (tests, answer sheets, scoring guides, score charts, interpretative manuals, etc.).
Object Physical item, either tangible or visible.
Game Items or sets of items designed for play according to prescribed rules and intended for recreation or instruction. Includes puzzles and simulations.
Toy Material objects for children or others to play with, often an imitation of some familiar object (e.g., a plaything or something contrived for amusement rather than for practical use). Use for puppets.
Interactive Multimedia A multimedia system in which related items of information are connected and can be presented together.
Newspaper Serial newspaper publications.