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Art and rare book sales/auction catalogs

Why select this database?

  • Only online list of auction catalog records in existence
  • Provides information to auction sales catalogs from all major North American and European auction houses as well as many private sales
  • Valuable source of information on art objects, rare books, history of collecting and contemporary and historical market needs
  • Catalogs for sales from the late sixteenth century to scheduled auctions not yet held
  • Records include the dates and places of sales, the auction houses, sellers, institutional holdings, and titles of works

Database details

  • art objects
  • collection sets
  • estates
  • furniture
  • jewelry
  • paintings
  • rare books
  • rugs
  • sketchings
  • sculpture
  • textiles
Sources SCIPIO is a joint project of 25 different fine arts organizations, combining their art catalog collections
Number of records Over 570,000
Dates covered Catalogs from the late sixteenth century to scheduled auctions that have not yet been held
Update frequency Daily
Producer information OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

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Indexes and examples in SCIPIO

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Keyword european paintings
Accession number 37993343

(OCLC number)
Auction house christie's, manson and woods
Auctioneer & auction house john sollo
Citation lugt
Date of sale 01312007 (searching single date January 31, 2007, MMDDYYYY)

01312007-02142007 (searching dates from January 31 to February 14, 2007, MMDDYYYY)

012007-022007 (searching dates in January and February 2007, MMYYYY)

2006-2007 (searching any day in either year, YYYY)
Notes translation
Place of publication new york
Place of sale paris
Publisher christie's
Sale code LO1703 LEVER
Seller/subject faye dunaway
Standard number LO1703 LEVER
Subject Warhol collection
Title post-war and contemporary art