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GPO Monthly Catalog (GPO)

U.S. government publications

Why select this database?

  • Covers all types of U.S. government documents, including Congressional reports, hearings, debates, and records; judiciary materials; and documents issued by executive departments (Defense, State, Labor, Office of the President, etc.).
  • Includes a bibliographic citation in each record.

Database details

Subjects U.S. government information resources
Sources U.S. government
Number of records Over 830,000
Dates covered July 1976 to present
Update frequency Monthly
Producer information U.S. Government Publishing Office

Library Programs Service

Mail Stop SLLC

Washington, DC 20401


Phone: +1-202-512-1106

Copyright None

Indexes and examples in GPO Monthly Catalog

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Keyword byproduct
Author o'hara

Geographic coverage  phrase cape cod mass
Gov doc number 1008c1008d
Map data scale
Notes treaty
OCLC number 6001018
Publisher mcgraw-hill
Record type phrase microfilm

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Standard number 0036-8741
Subject coffee
Title music application