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Is there a way to set up a single IP address to authenticate multiple FirstSearch authorizations?

  • To allow multiple FirstSearch authorizations to access FirstSearch from the listed IP address
Applies to
  • FirstSearch 

In FirstSearch Administrative module it is possible to add multiple authorizations for IP addresses listed:

  1. Sign in to FirstSearch Administrative module of the OCLC institution in charge of the consortia or subgroup. 
  2. Select Authentication/Access > IP-Address Recognition.
  3. Confirm, or add, needed IP address to the IP Address List.
  4. In the Additional Authorizations field, add the 9-digit authorizations you wish to access FirstSearch from the IP addresses listed.
  5. Click Save Changes
Additional information

In order for FirstSearch to allow users to share IP addresses, the authorizations need to be associated with same institution symbol, consortia, or subgroup.  Please contact OCLC Support if you receive any errors when adding IP addresses or authorizations.

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