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How do I add links to my library's catalog from FirstSearch?

Applies to
  • FirstSearch

The following solution can be found in Help for the FirstSearch administrative module and Link your library, FirstSearch, and other Web resources.

You can add links to your library's catalog from the FirstSearch service by entering URLs for your catalog on the Web Library Catalogs screen in the FirstSearch administrative module. If you do, the links appear in FirstSearch records so users can click on the links to use your catalog and determine an item's availability and location.

If you use this feature, the links appear whether or not FirstSearch indicates that your library owns the item described in the FirstSearch record; that is, whether or not your library's OCLC symbol is attached to the record.

When a user clicks a link and goes to your catalog, FirstSearch adds a heading and a Return button above the screen so the user can return to FirstSearch easily.

To use this feature, you must supply at least one of the four URLs requested below.

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