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Can I use EZproxy to access FirstSearch?

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  • FirstSearch

Yes. EZproxy is an easy to set up and maintain program for providing your users with remote access to web-based licensed databases. It operates as an intermediary server between your users and your licensed databases. Your users connect to EZproxy, and then it connects on their behalf to your licensed databases to obtain web pages and send them back to your users. Since EZproxy runs on a machine on your network, your database vendor sees the requests as coming from an IP address on your network, so it permits access.

EZproxy connects to a large number of content providers (including OCLC FirstSearch, EBSCO, Gale, etc.). It connects to a wide variety of authentication services (including LDAP, SIP, Athens and Shibboleth) which reduces the number of authorizations/ passwords and provides a better end-user experience.

Let's assume that is your EZproxy server and that you subscribe to To make this database available, you need only edit the EZproxy config file and add these lines:

Title Some Database

With these lines in place, you could make this database available from any web server with a URL like this:

If on-site users click on such a link, they are sent straight to the database. Off-site users are required to authenticate before proceeding. Once authenticated, the off-site user accesses the database through a "virtual web server."

When this user requests documents from this virtual web server, EZproxy makes the same request to the database and then sends the response back to this user. During this transaction, the request to comes from your own server, so views it as one of your IP addresses and allows the access.

Learn more about EZproxy.

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