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Duncker & Humblot eLibrary


In order to provide access to resources that use https, your EZproxy server must be configured with an SSL certificate.

Title Duncker & Humblot eLibrary (updated 20220610)
HTTPHeader -response -edit Location RewriteURL(REReplace("!https://elibrary\.duncker-humblot\.com/pdf!g", RewriteURL(""), hh:value))
Find const COOKIE_DOMAIN = '';
Replace const COOKIE_DOMAIN = '^^';
Find https:\/\/
Replace https:\/\/^^

A Hosted EZproxy Include File is available for this resource. Hosted EZproxy customers will receive automatic updates with OCLC’s latest version of this stanza. Note: Hosted EZproxy customers in the Americas using self-service may reference the Include File by adding the following line to config.txt:

IncludeFile databases/dunckerhumblot.txt